Options for Women Pregnancy Help Clinic, Inc.
In Partnership With The Great Turnaround

We would like to welcome you to our Annual Event! Each year we have been blessed at our annual fundraiser event and this year will be no exception.  We are pleased to be partnering with The Great Turnaround, an organization dedicated to serving pregnancy centers around the country whose founder and president is Dr. Bruce Wilkinson (best-selling author of The Prayer of Jabez and Founder of Walk Thru the Bible).  His organization is helping to raise $100,000,000 collectively for pregnancy centers in the United States.  God’s presence and blessing has been evident at every fundraising event his organization has partnered with.

From among his highly skilled faculty, we are honored to have Sol Pitchon as our guest speaker!  I want to encourage you to come and bring a friend who is also committed to the causes that our center continues to stand for in our local community.  Your registration will help us to better prepare for those who will be attending.  This will be an historic event, so please be praying for an amazing evening that will touch all of our hearts and fulfill God’s will for our center.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for us, the prolife citizens of Polk County, to join together to help protect the lives of our unborn citizens, and to positively impact the lives of their mothers. Please invite the members of your family, your friends, neighbors, members of your church, people you do business with, to join the Great Turnaround. Last year there were 1945 abortions in Polk County. Let us together make 2012 the beginning of the end of abortions in Polk County. God bless you.

Please plan to join us at 6:00pm for our Appetizer / Dessert Reception followed by our Program, which begins at 7:00pm.

-- Mary Rutherford
Executive Director
Options for Women - Lakeland, FL


Thu, Nov 8th, 2012 @ 7:00 PM
Options for Women Pregnancy Help Clinic, Inc.

The Polk Theatre
121 South Florida Ave
Lakeland, FL

Fundraising Event Attire: Business Casual

Additional Info:
Appetizer / Dessert Reception begins at 6:00pm and the Program begins at 7:00pm. Downtown parking is free after 5:30pm.


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What Touched You Most Tonight?
Read What Past GTA Attendees Have Said

The Number of Babies saved by the Center. The video presentation highlighting how Lighthouse PRC has impacted the lives of so many. The Client Stories and the Director's Speech.

Hawthorne, NJ
Schindler's Confession - I could have done more.

Dublin, GA
The Length of the Wall.

Hawthorne, NJ
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The example of the different state populations being wiped out was powerful. Also the clip from Schindler's List was very powerful.

Dublin, GA
Guest Speaker 3-Chair Story. Testimonies. Whole Event. Giving Back to God. Chance to save a Baby. Felt challenged to go above past giving.

Lewiston, ID
God places a premium on life.

Dublin, GA
Video Testimonies of Clients.

Hawthorne, NJ
The Videos and Debbie's opening speech.

Hawthorne, NJ
The Holy Spirit speaking to our lives and hearts. God created each one of us.

Dublin, GA
Pictures of the Babies. Love of God. Charles Flowers and Becky Wood.

Dublin, GA
The relationship of our father in heaven to us as earthly fathers.

Hawthorne, NJ
The simple explanation of how Father God's heart is hurt by abortion given by the speaker. The stories by the speaker.

Hawthorne, NJ
Staff and Director's compassion for the ministry. The fact that we are able to affect a change in our community and be a part of what God is doing in real time.

Hawthorne, NJ
Excellent speaker - Very good presentation.

Dublin, GA
The Presence of God.

Deltona, FL
Schindler's Confession - I could have done more.

Dublin, GA
That there have been 54 million abortions. The Message and the scripture Proverbs 24:10 resonated with me. The Speaker. No Matter how big or small - What I do makes a difference.

Dublin, GA
The Three Chairs talk and speaker Seeing the Babies and real live testimonies Saving lives in Mobile County - 1509 Being reminded about the 1st Chair Everything was wonderful.

Mobile, AL


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Sol Pitchon

Sol Pitchon brings years of personal wisdom and professional experience to the pro-life movement. He has been the President and CEO of New Life Solutions in Florida since 1999. In addition to overseeing a 1.3 million dollar budget, he leads community activities and develops church partnerships.

Prior to earning his Master of Arts in Counseling from Liberty University, Sol worked for years in insurance, sales, and marketing. When he became a licensed counselor in 1994, he worked as a psychotherapist in Florida for five years at the Christian Care Counseling Center, where he also served as the Director of Community Relations. Sol is now a sought-after speaker on psychotherapy, as well as for the pro-life movement.

Sol is an Education and Economic (more...) Committee Member with the Largo Chamber of Commerce. He is a board member with Center of Hope and the President of the board for Countryside Christian Center. He is also a Personal Professional Success Coach.

Sol knows personally about the miracle of life. His mother was an Auschwitz prisoner in WWII and, at age 16, she suffered at the hands of Nazi doctors who forced her to undergo a hysterectomy. After removing one ovary, the doctor was called away, and a brave Jewish doctor saved her other ovary. After the war, Sol’s mother married another Holocaust survivor, and together they were blessed with four children, a lot of grandchildren, and even more great-grandchildren.

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